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How I Dropped Multiple Sizes and Overcame a Brain Injury

Hi! My name is Diana Harrison. I am married and have five children. Three of them have special needs – and yes, they are all our natural children. Everyone asks. :)

I love being a wife and mother! It’s been my dream and I treasure it more than any experience I’ve ever been given.

In 2013, my ability to care for myself and my family was taken from me when I was in a car accident that left me with injuries and brain damage. I refused to give up.

My family needs me and my faith has kept me strong!

My favorite workout, T-Tapp, helped me regain my strength and my brain functioning back. I started doing T-Tapp, a series of exercises created by Teresa Tapp, and dropped multiple sizes and overcame a brain injury. That was with no equipment and doing the muscle activation exercises in my own home. My mind-body connection healed. The plus of T-Tapp is that I lost sizes and my skin kept getting tighter as I became smaller sizes – I love the T-Tapp brushing system!

After losing nearly 7 sizes in five months, I also changed my random eating pattern to a natural food plan and lost 5 additional sizes. Since mid-September 2016, my story has received unexpected attention and people from all over the world are reaching out.

I’ve created an e-book for you to answer the questions that I’ve received.

I’m thrilled to begin this New Year and continuing blogging. Thank you for taking the time to read. I’m so excited to be on this journey with so many of you in my Strong Enough T-Tapp Fans and Strong Enough Natural Eating Inner Circle Facebook Groups. Teresa Tapp is part of our T-Tapp group! Email here to join our community and click here to join our email list.

For your convenience, I’ve created an affiliate link so you can check out what this transformational workout offers.

Have a beautiful day!

Love, Diana :)

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