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    "When you step into God's vision for you, He loans you His cape so you can soar... Trust Him." - Diana Nielsen


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  • Diana's Healing Journey

    My journey as a mother of five children, three with special needs,

    dropping 11 sizes and over 100 pounds naturally.


    Enhancing lives by increasing health, vitality, wellness and joy.

    Strong Enough Now


    I used an electric scooter for 28 years. On March 2018 I was able to give my scooter away because of a proprietary vitamin/mineral supplement that changed my life and health.



    In 1995 I was on a medication that caused me to gain a total of sixty pounds in six weeks. By my wedding day I had already gained over 30 of those pounds. I hardly fit into my wedding dress.

    For twenty-one years, I wanted to be invisible. You can see by the look on my face that I did not want this picture taken. My highest weight was around 260 pounds, spiking up to nearly 290 during one of my pregnancies.


    In 2011 I began T-Tapp and dropped to 210 pounds. After my fifth pregnancy I experienced the best postpartum weight loss and recovery I have ever had.

    In April 2013 I was in an auto accident which resulted in a brain injury that I was told was permanent.


    In August 2014 I attended an intensive T-Tapp event where I realized significant gains in my cognitive function. Over the next five months I lost twenty pounds and nearly SEVEN sizes with T-Tapp.


    On December 31, 2015, at 244 pounds, I combined an all natural eating plan with T-Tapp and by September 2016 I have dropped to 160 pounds (see picture on right.) September 20, 2016 I dropped 3 more sizes and 4 pounds in 18 days. I've lost a total of eleven sizes! Feeling great knowing Yes I Can because I am Strong Enough! If I can do it, you can too!

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    Strong Enough Now - How I Dropped 11 Sizes, 130 Pounds & Rebuilt My Body & Brain
    Strong Enough Now - How I Dropped 11 Sizes, 130 Pounds & Rebuilt My Body & Brain
    Hi! After years of unsuccessful dieting, a host of medical problems and personal challenges, I dropped multiple sizes and overcame a brain injury. Pretty cool, right? I'll bet you're wondering how I did that. I did it with an isometric exercise program and an all natural food plan.

    If you're reading this, I'll bet you have struggled with your weight and perhaps your health, too, over the years. I want you to know that if I can get to where I am now, you can too!
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